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'Dental Couture': The Luxury You and Your Patients Can Afford


Did you know the word “couture” was coined in Paris, France in 1915?

Better yet, did you know the word “dental couture” was coined 100 years later in Shelton, CT by Centrix?

The original word couture refers to designing and making highly esthetic, usually custom-made, fashion that’s often expensive and time-consuming. The term “dental couture” refers to designing and making highly esthetic custom restorations for each patient. However, thanks to advancements in dental materials and technology, such restorations are achieved more easily, inexpensively, and in a fraction of the time. 

In 2015, Centrix introduced Couture, a line of advanced finishing and polishing solutions with Applied Diamond Technology. Distinguishing the line from other finishing systems on the market, Centrix incorporated a high percentage of diamond abrasives into the polishing surfaces, resulting in a significant reduction of the micro-roughness of the surface. The benefits were two-fold: a smoother surface for enhanced esthetics and more life-like reflectance and lustre. 

Each of the products in the Couture finishing and polishing system is designed to help dentists more easily achieve highly esthetic results:

Diamond Finishing and Polishing Cups & Points are indicated for initial finishing and final high-gloss polishing of all surfaces of esthetic/composite restorations, as well as to help maintain the beauty of existing restorations. They’re also built to last, with a highly resilient, structurally stable mandrell architecture that helps these cups and points retain their shape during use.  

Diamond Polishing Brushes are indicated for the final high-gloss polishing of all esthetic composite restorations and for the preservation of the beauty of existing restorations. Engineered with diamond-filled cellulose filaments that become ultra-soft when wet, the unique brushes are perfect for both concave and convex morphologies when used at low speeds with minimal pressure. These brushes offer excellent polishing results on all composites, including the newest nano composites.

Diamond Polishing Paste is also indicated for the final polishing and high-gloss lustre of all  composite materials, and is formulated to work faster to give better esthetic results vs. traditional aluminum-oxide polishing pastes. Diamond Polishing Paste can be applied with a nylon brush or prophy cup using a low-speed handpiece and offers fast, one-step final polishing, and high-gloss esthetics in only 15 seconds.

Diamond (and Smooth) ProxiDiscs are used to create space in tight-contact interproximal areas; adjust, break, or smooth contacts; and remove excess bonding agents, resins, or cements from interproximal areas. Diamond ProxiDiscs have a fine diamond coating on one side to gently remove excess cement or other materials from one tooth only, or to allow easier placement of a matrix band or wedge, while the smooth surface on the opposite side protects the adjacent tooth. Smooth ProxiDiscs are designed to better manage tight contacts but with no diamond coating. The smooth, curved design allows the ProxiDisc to be gently rocked through the contact but will not abraid intact enamel on either tooth, preventing surface damage and making it harder for bacteria to cling to tooth surfaces.

Diamond GripStrips are used to more easily contour, bevel, or remove excess material from restorations. Recommended by Dental Product Shopper evaluators, GripStrip Finishing and Polishing Strips are diamond-coated to provide precise finishing and polishing for restorations in proximal areas. They contain 2 working areas of different grit sizes: a coarser grit for stripping and removing material and a finer grit for polishing, meaning you can finish and polish with only one strip. They’re also autoclavable and reusable for a low cost per use compared to disposable plastic strips.

So while diamonds might be “a girl’s best friend” in the high-fashion world, the Applied Diamond Technology in Centrix’s Finishing and Polishing products are your best friend to smoother, natural anatomy and beautiful restorations.    

The Centrix website is packed with helpful information, including clinical uses and FAQS. Learn more and request a demo of these products at

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