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Favorite Features of Centrix’s LolliCaine


Favorite Features of Centrix’s LolliCaine

Lollicaine Flavors in lollipop form Because interacting with others in indoor spaces can increase the risk of transmitting COVID-19, patients are more uneasy than usual in the dental chair. Add the fear of injections, and they’re ready to race out the door the moment their appointment is over. For invasive procedures, dental teams need an effective topical anesthetic on hand that is fast, effective, and good tasting to minimize patient discomfort and enhance their experience in the dental office.

Designed to provide fast, temporary relief, Centrix’s LolliCaine is a 20% benzocaine gel indicated for periodontal curettage, local injections, scaling, root planing, and other dental procedures. It earned a DPS Best Product 2020 rating; here is what the evaluators said regarding this anesthetic’s desensitizing ability, range of flavors, packaging, and application.

1. Desensitizing Ability

“LolliCaine made initial needle penetration more comfortable; injections were more tolerable, especially infiltrations.” -Dr. Charles Liu

The 20% benzocaine in LolliCaine reversibly blocks nerve conduction by targeting free nerve endings in the mucosa, thereby producing temporary loss of sensation. LolliCaine’s rapid onset and long duration (up to 15 minutes) provides fast and long working time.

2. Flavors

“It was accepted well by patients, who commented on the great flavor.” -Donna Grzegorek, RDH

LolliCaine is available in 4 patient-pleasing flavors: bubble gum, cherry, mint, and pina colada. With no bitter aftertaste, our evaluators received an overall positive response from their patients.

3. Packaging & Ease of Application

“This topical stayed where I put it and didn’t run around in the patient’s mouth.” -Dr. Michael Solmnicki

LolliCaine stays where it is placed. The unit-dose LolliPack (0.3 mL), which is ideal to send home with patients, also helps reduce the potential of cross-contamination in the practice. It is also available in a 1-oz LolliJar, which hygienist and DPS evaluator Kimberly Moore said contained “the perfect amount of product.”

Tis the season of special offers.
Buy 3 LolliCaine packs—either unit-dose packs or 1-oz. jars—and get a fourth one free.


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