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Imaging: A New Level of Planning Precision


Imaging: A New Level of Planning Precision

The rise of 3D cone beam imaging systems allows clinicians to visualize vital structures as well as bone quality and quantity for safer and more precise implant placement

There’s no question that comprehensive 3D imaging has completely changed implant dentistry. By using this technology, clinicians can analyze the anatomy of the patient’s jaw to assess bone density and locate nerves, blood vessels, and sinuses before surgery— eliminating any uncertainty when it comes to the right site for implant placement. 3D imaging also allows for precise insertion of the implant through the gum, rather than under it, which preserves soft tissue and promotes faster healing.

The rising interest in 3D imaging and the increase of in-house CBCT unit purchases coincide with the growing number of players in the dental CAD/CAM market focused on designing software that aids in 3D implant planning. Some systems allow users to creating a virtual implant patient—a digital record that combines a 3D digital scan with 3D imaging data to plan the ideal position for an implant with respect to esthetic, prosthetic, and surgical requirements.

Many manufacturers combine 2D and 3D imaging into one unit, while offering ease of use, customizable features, and upgradeable options for growing practices.


KaVo OP 3DPlanmeca ProMax 3D units combine 3 types of 3D data—a CBCT image, 3D face photo, and 3D model scan—into one advanced software to create a virtual patient in 3D. Planmeca Ultra Low Dose imaging protocol enables CBCT imaging with an even lower effective patient dose than standard 2D panoramic imaging.

The KaVo ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 3D offers 4 predefined and freely positionable FOVs based on true clinical needs, as well as metal artifact reduction (MAR) to reduce artefacts caused by metallic structures in the x-ray volumes. Choose from 4 image resolutions in 3D (low dose, standard, high-res, or endo).

Featuring an intelligent, wall-mounted design, ACTEON’s X-Mind Prime is lightweight and compact enough to fi t into virtually any dental office. It offers 24 panoramic and 32 CBCT options that cover a range of clinical applications, including implantology, endodontics, TMJ, and sinus imaging.Orthophos SL 3D

Through a Direct Conversion Sensor and Sharp Layer Technology, Dentsply Sirona’s Orthophos SL 3D delivers high-resolution images in a single rotation with multiple FOVs available depending on clinical need. An optional upgrade unlocks implant software that offers color visualization of the nerve canal and depiction of bones in all dimensions.

Carestream’s CS 8100 3D is a hybrid solution offering 2D and 3D imaging in one easy-to-use unit. Open, face-to-face design put patients at ease, along with fast scanning times that prevent movement and reduce retakes. Flexible FOVs confine radiation to specific areas of interest, while image settings such as size, resolution, and dose can be controlled for each exam.

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