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4 No-Fuss Features of TrollBarrier, Now Available Through Directa Dental


4 No-Fuss Features of TrollBarrier, Now Available Through Directa Dental

Trollbarrier Composite Gun According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dental instrument reprocessing requires a thorough sterilization protocol to assure contaminated patient-care items are safe for reuse. But for certain products in your operatory, there is an easier, less time-consuming way to ensure the safe use of instruments and devices during each patient appointment: disposable barriers.

Now available through Directa Dental, TrollBarrier is a disposable sleeve designed to completely cover and protect the composite gun (as well as patients) from contamination. Below are 4 reasons to choose this protective cover for your composite gun over an extensive sterilization process.

1. Faster Process

TrollBarrier eliminates the time that would be spent autoclaving the composite gun, giving the dental team more time to engage with patients and perform other important clinical tasks. Removing the need for sterilization can cut down on turnaround time and allow for a quicker room setup and breakdown between patients.

2. Easy to Handle

TrollBarrier’s design is truly a no-fuss feature. The barrier is easy to put on and remove from the composite gun, saving even more time. In last year’s DPS evaluation for TrollBarrier, Dr. Aamna Nayyar of Santa Fe, NM, noted, “It is easy to place and remove—a perfect fit on the composite gun.”

3. Strength and Elasticity

The disposable sleeve is made of soft, tear-resistant plastic that has smooth edges for patient comfort. The elasticity of the material allows for an ideal fit on most composite guns.

4. Prolonged Composite Gun Life

The costs of replacing dental equipment each year can add up—disposable barriers can lessen the blow to practices’ budgets. Englewood, NJ, clinician and DPS evaluator Berry Stahl, DMD, admitted that he did not like having to sterilize his composite gun after every use. “[TrollBarrier] prolonged the life of the gun by not subjecting it to repeated heat and cooling cycles,” he explained.

DPS Evaluators Weigh In…

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