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50 Years and Still Going Strong for the Original Hygoformic® Saliva Ejector by J.H. Orsing AB


As you look around your practice, how many products do you see that are the same today as they were 50 years ago? Think back: the Beatles were topping the charts and Rolling Stone’s first issue was hitting newsstands.

In an age where technology makes items obsolete in just a matter of months, it’s truly remarkable for an item to be available on the market for 50 years. But that’s the case with the Hygoformic saliva ejector from Directa Dental. The Hygoformic is the original mouldable saliva ejector with tongue holder.

Why does the Hygoformic continue to be such a reliable, must-have product?

Hygoformic’s mouldable nature makes it unique. It is seamlessly adjustable in shape and size to any patient’s cheek.

The coil design of the Hygoformic makes it patient friendly. Using it, the clinician can easily access the back of a patient’s mouth no matter how challenging the anatomy. 

The Hygoformic also has a high suction capacity. This is also due to the coil design. The placement of five holes inside of this coil prevent the device’s contact with the patient’s tongue and soft tissues, and as a result they do not become blocked.

The Hygoformic also continues to endure because of its composition. The material is a non-toxic and non-pollutive mixture of polyethylene and polypropylene—no phthalates or latex. If the plastic were to be burned, all that would remain would be water and carbon dioxide.

Directa offers the Hygoformic in the orginal white, and, also has new colors available in light blue, light green, and pink. It also makes a complete line of adaptors to meet all the requirements of modern dental clinics. Learn more at

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