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A Restorative Line Known for Precision and Predictability

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With the stated goal of making the daily clinical life easier for the dental professional and more comfortable for the patient, Directa Dental shows its standard of care in its growing portfolio of high-quality restorative products. Its focus is on the development and production of advanced technologies and innovative designs to create products that bring optimal performance and maximum durability.

Over the years, Directa’s restorative category has grown to include everything from matrix systems to temporary crowns to products that help with Class II, Class III, Class IV restorations.

Here are a few standout products from the portfolio:

• FenderMate: A sectional matrix for Class II composite restorations, FenderMate is a pre-curved, one-piece matrix and wedge that provides for quick, safe and predictable composite restorations, with a tight contact and cervical sealing. It is designed for minimally invasive dentistry. For pediatric patients, FenderMate Prime is a unique combination of a preparation shield and matrix for Class II fillings of primary teeth where quick and simple solutions are highly valued. The interproximal plastic wedge has an inbuilt steel plate and a boat-shaped tip that allows the gingiva to be compressed without damage and reduces the risk of bleeding.

• Spotit: Before cementation of conventional crowns, bridges and implant prosthetics, it is necessary to assess the relationship of the crown to the neighboring teeth. While occlusion paper is often used to check the contact point, this method is often inaccurate. Spotit is a colored marker available on a straight or angled handle. As the marker traverses the contact between the prosthetic element and the adjacent tooth, it leaves a clear and accurate indication of the adjustment needed for the perfect contact point. The operation can be performed without assistance - holding the crown with one hand and the marker with the other hand.

• ANA Etching Gel: An enamel and dentine etchant with 37% phosphoric acid, ANA Etching Gel is ideal for any etching technique—partial etching (only enamel) or total etching (enamel and dentine)—bringing predictability with exact application at the right time via a thin, bendable tip. The ideal viscosity in combination with the blue color enables precise and clearly detectable placement. It is easy and fast to completely rinse off with no phosphoric acid left in the cavity.


Directa continuously grows its restorative fleet as it develops products designed to improve clinical outcomes and the dental practitioner’s efficiency. To learn more about its solutions for use in restorative procedures, click here

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