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A Revealing 'First Date' with a New Composite

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Handling a new composite is a lot like going on a first date—it’s all about chemistry! On one hand, there’s the actual chemistry and response of the restorative material, and on the other hand there’s the dentist’s “chemistry” with the material through their preferred technique. On those initial “dates”/procedures, it’s important for dentists to feel comfortable with their technique. It’s the only way they can truly get a sense of how a new product might help their productivity and their clinical outcome.

Adamo E. Notarantonio, DDS, FICOI, AACD, had a comfortable, predictable experience when he tried BISCO’s REVEAL HD Bulk, a light-activated restorative composite optimized to allow for simpler and faster posterior restorations. REVEAL HD Bulk’s excellent handling set it apart from the competition, said Dr. Notarantonio, who used the material for challenging Class II composite restorations that have deep boxes. He was especially impressed by how REVEAL HD Bulk did not stick to the instrument, even without the use of a modeling resin. It stayed where he placed it and flowed extremely well, without being heated.

Through BISCO’s HD Filler Technology, REVEAL HD Bulk offers a category-leading depth of cure at 5 mm to 6 mm ISO, depending on the shade selected. This depth of cure allows for a strong restoration from the top-down so you can place the composite in a single-layer without the need for additional layers or placing a base/liner. However, like many other dentists, Dr. Notarantonio has not been a bulk-fill user, preferring to pack resin cement in 2 mm to 3 mm increments instead. With REVEAL HD Bulk, Dr. Notarantonio now has confidence knowing that when he overfills to 4 mm, the resin is still completely cured. That predictability and peace of mind is “priceless” in everyday practice, he explained.

Dr. Notarantonio’s experience with BISCO’s REVEAL HD Bulk is the cover story of this month’s issue of Dental Product Shopper. Click the cover image in this story to read more.

In addition to depth of cure, good chemistry also factors into REVEAL HD Bulk’s low volumetric shrinkage, excellent radiopacity for easy detection, high flexural and compressive strength, low water sorption and solubility, and high polishability, which is also enhanced through HD Filler Technology. The combination of a simple delivery system with ideal viscosity ensures that REVEAL HD Bulk fills the necessary margins without voids.

BISCO’s Dr. Ronaldo Nunez explains in the video below, material handling comes down to the ratio of filler and resin matrix. BISCO has strived to perfect a filler-resin system refractive index for superior light transmission, which means that light can be effectively refracted and distributed through the material, allowing for optimized depth of cure. 

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