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A Single Paste for Stain Removal and Polishing


It’s not very often, but every now and then a product comes along that really makes things easier. In the world of dental hygiene, one such product that can save you valuable treatment time is Directa’s Prophy Paste PRO.

That’s because this prophy paste will accomplish both of your primary objectives of removing stains AND polishing for a smooth surface on healthy patients without heavy discolorations. The unique silica-based paste starts with larger coarse grit particles that break down to small fine particles for polishing during the same procedure. In other words, Prophy Paste PRO’s high cleaning power offers effective stain removal at the beginning of treatment, but as the particles fragment during treatment, the paste converts into a gentle polishing formula.

The benefits don’t end there. Prophy Paste PRO has unique desensitizing features and contains fluoride to remineralize enamel after polishing, thus supporting caries prevention. And your patients will probably find its mild mint taste and appealing texture to be pleasant.

Directa’s full line of ProphyCare prophy pastes—one of the most well-known brands in dentistry—includes every formulation you need for your practice, offering reliable results ranging from regular cleaning of the teeth to more complicated implant maintenance procedures.

To learn more about Directa’s ProphyCare products, click here.

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