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A Sneak Preview into the Calibra Universal Product Evaluation


Fifteen Dental Product Shopper evaluators just finished evaluating the Calibra Universal Self-Adhesive Resin Cement from DENTSPLY Caulk. Watch for this product evaluation article to be published in a future issue of Dental Product Shopper!

Can’t wait to read the entire article? Here’s a sneak preview into what our evaluators are saying about Calibra Universal:

The product handled very well and was easy to clean up.

[Calibra has] good retention and no post op sensitivity.

The product needs to be more photo reactive.

The cement had great working time allowing me to clean the excess cement, especially interproximally, in a minimal amount of time.  This also allowed for cleanup to be fast and efficient.

I did like the curing time speed and easy clean up when not over cured on the tack cure.

In a capsule form would be ideal for me since I feel there is less waste.

It seems to be a solid resin cement.

Learn more about how cement cleanup is a snap with Calibra, and watch DENTSPLY’s “snappy” video on Calibra cementation techniques. 

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