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A Composite That Goes Beyond Esthetic ‘Magic’


A Composite That Goes Beyond Esthetic ‘Magic’ 

activa presto in shade a2 from pulpdentWhen it comes to the “magic” of restorative dentistry, there is no sleight of hand. Dentists and patients know that esthetics is only one of many factors that determine the quality of a dental composite. The ideal material should mimic the natural tooth. It should deliver essential minerals and be strong, tough, durable, resist fracture and chipping, and be easy to use. It takes exceptional chemistry in the composite resin to achieve a natural-looking restoration that will do all this and stand the test of time.

As detailed in a recent article in Dental Product Shopper, one manufacturer has recently taken up the challenge of formulating an esthetic composite that truly does it all. ACTIVA Presto from Pulpdent is a universal stackable composite formulated to be the only restorative that combines strength, esthetics, and biomimicking properties in a mineral-enriched, light-cure composite that is stackable, moisture-friendly, and fracture-resistant. The material is a further development of Pulpdent’s unique ionic resin chemistry originally introduced in the company’s hydrophilic Embrace resin, Tuff-Temp Plus rubberized resin, and ACTIVA BioACTIVE resin materials.

Activa Presto syringe“Our goal was to create a light-cure material that mimics tooth structure, combines the best characteristics of both flowable and packable/sculptable composites, and that also contains calcium, phosphate, and fluoride,” Leah Berk, Media and Communications Manager at Pulpdent, told DPS. “ACTIVA Presto is strong, esthetic, and wear-resistant, and it resists fracture and chipping—even in thin areas and beveled margins. Traditional composite materials are passive and have a relatively short life expectancy. We now have the ability to provide our patients with materials that deliver better outcomes and improved oral care.”

The true “magic” of ACTIVA Presto is in the hydrophilic, rubberized resin that is mineral-enriched and facilitates the release and recharge of bioavailable calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions. The patented rubberized resin is tough, absorbs occlusal forces, and resists wear.

Indicated for all classes of cavities and load-bearing applications, ACTIVA Presto’s unique chemistry is designed to penetrate, integrate, and provide margin-free adaptation to tooth structure that seals against microleakage. It is a stackable material that holds its shape and does not slump for controlled placement and sculptability. In addition to the popular esthetic shades, ACTIVA Presto also offers A4 and A6 shades, which are useful for cervical areas, especially on older patients. The material is highly radiopaque at 250% and is available in easy-to-use 1.2mL/2 gram syringes.

 Watch the video below to learn more about ACTIVA Presto and to see a demo.

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