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Add to Your Podcast Queue: “Advancing Dentistry”


Do you listen to podcasts? If you do, you know there’s a podcast on every topic you can imagine, from true crime to comedy to industry-specific topics, such as, of course, dentistry.

The wonderful thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them while you’re on the go, and still enjoy the intimate nature of the format. As you listen to each episode, you begin to feel those on the podcast are actually with you in person.

For those who might be new to the medium, each podcast is a series of episodes; while few have a specific story to tell and have a limited run, most are ongoing around a general theme.

Now AdDent is taking advantage of the podcasts’ popularity by launching its own podcast, “Advancing Dentistry,” which falls into that second category of ongoing podcasts. The first episode was released June 1, and new episodes on the latest advances in dentistry will be available monthly.

In each episode, host and AdDent social media specialist Kira Dineen talks to key opinion leaders in dentistry. The first episode captures her conversation with Dr. Allen Hindin, who discusses his expertise in pediatric dentistry and his experience using AdDent’s Microlux Transilluminator. Hindin talks about how his experience with AdDent goes back four decades. He said the transilluminator has helped him have more productive conversations with patients (and their parents), explaining: “It’s the combination of a diagnostic and a marketing tool all at the same time.”

Upcoming episodes feature Dr. Doug Lambert, who will discuss work relationships between dentists and dental hygienists to increase productivity in dental practices, and Dr. Marty Jablow, Dr. Steven Katz and Dr. Frank Milnar.

“Advancing Dentistry” is available on iTunes and other platforms, including AdDent’s website and RSS feed.. However, subscribing through a podcast app will ensure you automatically receive new episodes when they’re available.

AdDent is eager to hear your feedback, including ideas for future episodes, on Advancing Dentistry. Stay connected with the manufacturer on Twitter (@addent_inc), Instagram (@addent_inc), Facebook (@AdvancingDentistry) and LinkedIn (AdDent, Inc.) You can also use the contact form on AdDent’s website or email

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