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AdDent’s Products Named Best of Class


AdDent’s Calset Composite Warmer and CoMax Composite Dispenser are both Best of Class Award 2018 winners from the consulting firm Cellerant.

The coveted Best of Class award recognizes innovation in the dental industry, specifically products that are changing how practices operate. The awards program launched in 2009.

According to Cellerant, the award winners are selected by a committee of four leaders in the dental industry. The panel evaluates products and takes a final vote in February. AdDent did not apply for the award; the company first learned of the honor when it was notified that two of its products were selected for the 2018 awards. This is the first time AdDent has received a Best of Class award, and for two products! These are the winning products:

  • Calset Composite WarmerCalset Composite Warmer: Warming composite resin has been shown to improve its flow characteristics, including increasing the degree of monomer-to-polymer conversion, and reducing the amount of polymerization contraction stress by reducing the light exposure time. The Calset Composite Warmer has trays that make it easy for the clinician to customize it. For example, the 3-D tray, which is designed for layering or bulk filling, warms three dispensers, four compules and one syringe or finishing instrument.
  • CoMax Composite DispenserCoMax Composite Dispenser: The CoMax Composite Dispenser, which is made of an autoclaveable high-tech plastic and stainless steel, is ergonomically designed for easily expressing all composite from the compule. The CoMax comes with a two-year warranty. The CoMax Composite Dispenser also received a five-star rating from Reality Publishing.

AdDent will receive its awards at a ceremony during the American Dental Association annual convention in October in Honolulu.

You can see the 2017 winners at

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