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A Bulk-Fill Composite with Game-Changing Curing Technology


A Bulk-Fill Composite with Game-Changing Curing Technology

BulkEZ bulk fill compositeHaving control over the stress and shrinkage of your bulk-fill composite is key to maintaining the integrity of any restoration. But one question remains: What makes one bulk fill on the market better than another? The answer lies in the recent advances in material technology.

Zest’s Bulk EZ, in particular, features patent-pending, self-cure IntelliTek Technology controls and directs shrinkage to the base of the prep, eliminating microleakage and offering unlimited depth of cure. This unique feature has expanded the capabilities of bulk-fill composites by addressing the limitations that plague current bulk fills, like gap formation and stress that forms from rapid curing. It is also placed in just one step without the need for multiple layers or incremental light curing.

“The layering and incremental placement of composite in large restorations can be cumbersome and time consuming and will not necessarily have long-term success,” noted Dr. Maria Madonna in her Bulk EZ product evaluation for DPS. “Bulk EZ has given me a whole new appreciation for bulk products for everyday use.”

Simple Design & Accurate Final Results

Indicated for core buildups, Class I and II direct restorations, and cavity lining, Bulk EZ is compatible with a wide variety of cements, bonding agents, and primers. The material is dispensed in a 6-gram syringe with the user’s choice of 17-gauge or 19-gauge mixing tips, which allow it to easily flow into cavity preparations. Bulk EZ’s physical properties include high flexural strength of 138 MPa and high radiopacity of 350% AI for easy viewing on X-rays—plus it maintains high gloss retention after repeated wear for esthetic and lasting results.

“Bulk EZ felt nice and solid [when prepping crowns], and I didn’t worry about soft spots or voids,” said Dr. Curtis Rindfleish, who was impressed with the hardness of the material, user-friendly viscosity, ease of manipulation, and lack of air bubbles. “You place it where you’d like to be, and it stays in place.”

Read more about Bulk EZ and its IntelliTek Curing Technology here

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