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Centrix has a Challenge for You! Prevention Intervention


Centrix is challenging dentists and hygienists to begin their own “Prevention Intervention” campaign. What Centrix means by that is start using CAMBRA (Caries Management Risk Assessment) with every patient, from the smallest children to the elderly-est adult. They, and their caregivers, need to know they are never too young to begin oral care or too old to get caries. Centrix started the movement to stop caries-susceptible or -prone people from slipping through the cracks and not receiving the treatment that will save their teeth. With threats to oral health present in every stage of life—from infection by S. mutans in infancy, to poor dietary choices, to xerostomia-causing medications—every patient in a dental practice has the potential to benefit from topical fluoride treatment. Discussing with patients the things impact their lifelong oral and systemic health, and strategizing their optimal care and treatment will help both them and the dental practice.

Centrix is offering a free prevention kit complete with waiting/treatment room posters, self-assessment forms, and patient take-home instructions (plus more), as well as a Caries Assessment kit for the dental office that includes insurance coding information, recall suggestions, and promotional pricing on FluoroDose Fluoride Varnish7 that involves Centrix donating a Fluoride Intro kit donation to America’s Tooth Fairy for every purchase, as well as marketing advice.

FluoroDose was voted the top Fluoride Varnish of 2015, 2016, and 2017 by the Dental Advisor. It contains 5% sodium fluoride, the maximum dosage allowed in a single-use LolliPack. Patients love the flavors: caramel, bubble gum, mint, cherry, and melon.

For more information on how to start up your Prevention Intervention and get your free kits, click here!


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