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Check out the One-Stop Temporization Line from Centrix


Did you know that Centrix makes temporization easier with one of the most complete lines of easy-to-use, high quality materials? This line-up includes everything  needed for sealing root canals during treatment, filling preps during extended treatment, temporary crowns and bridgework, inlays and onlays, and cementing using the right temp cement for each clinical application. With innovative packaging and materials-delivery systems that help make the materials easier to use and more time efficient, Centrix is a “one-stop” resource for any type of temporary restoration.

Fill. The Tempit line provides three unique temporary filling materials to meet the different clinical situations. The classic Tempit is a moisture-activated filling and sealing material ideal for endo access openings and short-term temporaries that sets in under 5 minutes. It expands slightly when set, preventing bacterial ingress, and is easy to remove, making retreatments faster and easier. Tempit L/C is a light-cured material that sets firm yet flexible; remove it with an explorer so you never risk damaging an indirect prep with a rotary instrument. Perfect for indirect restorations, inlays, and onlays. And many clinicians find Tempit L/C to be the ideal material to seal implant access openings—pluck it out with an explorer to expose the retention screw—or to cover ortho brackets, preventing abrasion of the cheeks. Tempit Ultra-F is a light-activated resin material designed for longer-term restorations. It has high compressive and flexural strength to withstand months of wear (or for bruxers). And because it is tooth-colored, many pedodontists find it the ideal “restorative” material for deciduous teeth. Tempit Ultra-F has less solubility than reinforced ZOE materials, does not require etching or bonding agents so it gets your patients, adults or kids, out of the chair faster.

Build. For provisional crowns and bridges, Centrix’s Access Crown bis-acryl composite enables faster, stronger, more esthetic solutions. It is faster to use (out of the mouth in less than 60 seconds without distortions); stronger, with higher physical properties than most other alternatives; and more esthetic, with eight shade alternatives.  Access Crown delivers more speed, strength, and esthetic.

Cement. Centrix offers two temporary cement alternatives so you don’t have to compromise. For the typical shorter-term temp case (less than a month), NoMix is an easy solution. It is a single-component material, so there is no mixing. It’s moisture-activated, so only the saliva and fluids in the mouth are needed for a complete set. It is compatible with all acrylic, composite, PFM, and ceramic materials. And there are two different delivery methods: a chairside syringe provides traditional dentist use and the unique NoMix take-home applicator tubes go home with the patient so they can re-cement any temp that pops off—no more late-night emergency calls or early morning “emergency” visits that can disrupt the entire day. Many dentists report that they use the applicator tube to apply the initial material chairside, and then give the remainder to the patient (there is enough!).

Access Automix Temporary Cement is designed for longer-term temporary restorations. The formula sets to a permanent semi-elastic state, so it lasts longer, absorbing the stresses during function, yet is easy to remove. This cement is bacteriostatic and eugenol-free, so it will not undermine bonding agents or resin materials.

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