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Choose a Practice Management System that Fits Your Needs


Like many dental practice decision-makers, Derek Abramowski, DDS, was responsible for leading his Monticello, MN, practice through a digital transformation with a new practice management system. Much of the staff members were not technologically comfortable, and many had never used a computer at work before. The last thing he needed was confusing software that would make their day-to-day tasks more difficult. He needed a platform that would be intuitive and responsive. After doing his homework and playing with every system he could get his hands on, Dr. Abramowski decided on XLDent.

“Going from paper charts to XLDent is the single biggest jump we have ever taken in the office,” Dr. Abramowski recalled. “I track numbers, and there was an immediate jump in office productivity once we implemented XLDent.”

Patients were now able to pay their bills online after hours. Hygiene recalls were scheduled without needing the patient to go to the front desk. Treatment plans could be easy emailed to patients. XLDent also improved automation, with a check-in computer that auto-prompts patients to fill out their health history themselves.

In an evaluation of current XLDent customers, the platform scored a total of 4.6 out of 5 possible points, making it a Dental Product Shopper “Best Product.” Among the various criteria, evaluators awarded a score of 4.6 points to “increased efficiency of clinical processes.”

“The chairside experience we get from using XLDent is amazing. It makes life much easier for the doctors with how easy and transparent the software is,” said Office Manager Chrissy Atkocaitis, a current customer and evaluator. Users can view patient history, add notes, update claim narratives, process payments, and print receipts from one screen. They can enter treatments from predefined buttons or an interactive treatment tree.


Dr. Ambramowski’s staff also benefited by customizing their setups on XLDent and positioning buttons based on the order they perform tasks. “Because everything is adaptable to the user, they can all make it their own and change it so they are comfortable and efficient using it,” he said. 

Given this feedback, it makes sense that in the evaluation of XLDent, “integration of electronic services” and “staff satisfaction with the system” each scored 4.4. Satisfaction is usually driven by excellent customer service, and “customer support from manufacturing and training resources” scored a nearly perfect 4.9 out of 5 points. 

These high marks speak to XLDent’s thorough onboarding system, access to webinars and other training specific to the needs of the individual practice. XLDent’s certified specialists help teams transform their current processes into highly efficient, patient-centered workflows that improve patient experiences and outcomes. Training is provided on-site as well as through access to various online resources.

Atkocaitis found that the best part of XLDent is the hands-on help provided when the staff has questions or needs assistance. The company and its Implementation Specialists provide support to make sure you’re always up to date, questions are answered promptly, and new staff members quickly get up to speed.

XLDent on the Go

For Dr. Ambramowski, mobility and accessibility were two of XLDent’s biggest selling points, and the benefits have been two-fold—both in practice and at home.

In practice, when an emergency comes in, Dr. Ambramowski and his staff can just pick up the tablet and move it to the room they are working in. “That has kept us from having to buy workstations for every operatory,” he explained. “Being able to have the patient sign treatment plans on the tablet or hand them the tablet to show them radiographs has been huge.”

XLDent’s software suite is designed to create a worry-free mobile and tablet-friendly workflow. Instant data-sorting capabilities offer user-friendly analytical management tools, while state-of-the-art grid technology provides on-screen data organization. All patient information is available from one customizable screen, and the Patient Toolbar offers easy access to patient history, alerts, and web-based solutions, such as prescriptions, insurance eligibility, and claims.

When he’s at home, Dr. Ambramowski uses a personal device to see and alter his schedule, and he loves the ability to track his office performance. It’s why “electronic tools to manage the practice” also scored highly in the evaluation.

“There isn’t any scheduling, financials, or tracking I can’t do. The more I learn about the system, the more I can do. Everything is easy to access and easy to incorporate,” Dr. Ambramowski concluded.

So the question remains, why continue to invest in a practice management system that isn't meeting your needs? Visit to watch a full demo video. 

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