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Contact Points Can’t Hide Anymore


Tired of playing “hide and seek” with contact points before you cement crowns and bridges?

Then jump right to “seek” with contact finder SpotIt from Directa Dental. Eliminate the need for checking the contact point with occlusion paper—a method that can be inaccurate and lead to errors in the restoration.

SpotIt may look like a flosser, but it is a colored marker that indicates the perfect contact point for your restoration. It slides in between the prosthetic and the adjacent tooth.

To use, just hold the prosthetic in one hand and the marker with the other. SpotIt clearly and precisely indicates the adjustment needed for to perfect your contact point. Plus, SpotIt leaves no residue on surrounding teeth.

The marking process is quick—no more testing and retesting with occlusion paper; you will be able to get it right the first time, and shave time off your restorations, reducing chair time and increasing both you and your patient’s confidence with the final result.

SpotIt comes with a straight or angled handle, so you can use the version more comfortable for you, and you can easily reach posterior restorations.

“What I loved about this product when I had a chance to use it was its durability and accuracy. It was easy to handle and I ended up buying the assortment ‘straight’ because I don't like the angled (personal preference),” said one SpotIt user who gave the product five stars.

Dental Product Shopper evaluators agreed, giving SpotIt a 3.9 and the “Recommended Product” designation. “It is a clean way to mark the spot to adjust interproximally,” Dr. Amir Noori said in the evaluation. “Absolutely a great idea.”


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