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The Core Buildup Checklist


The Core Buildup Checklist

Encore D/C MiniMix

When shopping for a new core buildup composite, clinicians have their share of boxes to check off: strong mechanical properties, good adhesion to tooth structure, and low solubility, just to name a few. While many materials offer all the features dentists are looking for, even the best formulas can be ineffective without a convenient delivery system and safe packaging.

With cross-contamination top of mind since the COVID-19 pandemic, many dental teams are turning to single-patient-use materials and disposable devices for best infection control practices. But ensuring that each material is of highest quality should remain at the top of your checklist, too.

Unit-Dose Delivery

A dual-cure composite core buildup material that ensures structural integrity and ease of use, Encore D/C comes in a MiniMix format with 0.5-mL unit-dose technology that eliminates cross-contamination concerns as well as material waste. The smaller size is easy to maneuver in the mouth and more comfortable for sensitive patients, while longer mixing tips allow for easy application down the canals of second and third molars.

Encore D/C injected directly into the post space
Encore D/C (contrast blue) injected directly into the post space

The delivery system is so easy, especially the MiniMix variety,” said Dr. Albert Natelli, a dental practitioner in Southington, CT, who considers Encore D/C his go-to material for crown preps and other restorative cases. “It definitely sets up better than other materials I’ve used, and it certainly preps easier.”

A Nonslumping Solution

Encore D/C’s dual-cure formula speeds up procedures and ensures the material is completely cured, regardless of depth; and to accelerate the set, it can be light activated for 20 seconds. Its nonslumping quality removes the need to use a matrix or core form, allowing users to build up just the coronal core or fabricate a composite post and core that bonds the post, tooth, and core together.

“It flows great, fills the voids, and is just a fantastic material,” commented Dr. Natelli.

Schedule a free Centrix in-office Lunch & Learn on core buildups, featuring Encore D/C MiniMix, here.

Centrix also is offering a free 12-pack of Encore D/C MiniMix if you buy a 36-pack. Visit to learn more.

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