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Diamonds or Carbides? Either Way, Meisinger Has You Covered


What do you reach for during a crown-and-bridge prep—a carbide or diamond? It seems to be a “chicken vs. egg” debate in dentistry.

“The reason most people use diamonds for crown preps is that they are coarser than most carbides, and they don’t ‘chatter’ as much on enamel if they are dull,” one dentist wrote on a forum in response to a dental student’s question. “It really is a personal preference which type you use.”

Dr. Lee Ann Brady said at first she thought it was strange when dentists said they used carbides instead of diamonds to cut their crown preparations. When she tried carbides, she experienced more cutting resistance and needed to use more force. But when she switched back to her diamonds, she felt they were cumbersome and created a rough surface in comparison.

“By the time I was in the groove today I had a new technique,” Dr. Brady wrote on her blog. “I used my coarse diamonds to do the gross preparation. This allowed me to efficiently gain the majority of my reduction. Then I switched to lower speed and using the carbide, cutting dry, I refined the prep, establishing the final margin position. Then [I] rounded and finished the surface, which was incredibly smooth.”

Meisinger is a manufacturer that offers both diamonds and carbides to dentists like Dr. Brady who use both instruments during crown-and-bridge procedures. Now, more than ever, the options for trying both are convenient and economical.

The Best of Both 

Meisinger’s SINGLES are sterile packed carbides and single-use diamonds that can be used immediately as needed, eliminating the need for sterilization before each use. They are available in easy-to-dispense boxes of 25 burs each, economically priced, and designed for longevity and durability.

Meisinger has invested much time and research in producing top-quality, single-use carbides. The improvement in quality and emphasis on sanitation has been well received by dentists in the field.

Recently, Meisinger’s SINGLES were evaluated for Dental Product Shopper. A team of 12 dentists used the diamonds and burs for a period of 4 weeks, and rated them based on cutting efficiency, convenience, ease of use, and other features.

Convenience and cutting efficiency earned the highest marks from evaluators. Dr. Derek Draft found that SINGLES’ efficient cutting reduced chair time, and he liked the convenience of having a fresh bur every time. Dr. Charles Katuah added, “Fresh burs make procedures more efficient. … Minimizing the number of bur blocks is a plus and guaranteed sterility is nice.” 

Overall, 12 of 15 evaluators said they would probably or definitely recommend Meisinger SINGLES to their colleagues, and their final score earned these instruments a “Recommended” rating.

To read the full evaluation, check out the November issue of DPS or click here.

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