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Enjoy the Long-Lasting Benefits of Calcium Hydroxide with Calasept®


Enjoy the Long-Lasting Benefits of Calcium Hydroxide with Calasept®

Calcium hydroxide’s versatile role as everything from a cavity liner to a cement base to root canal filler makes it a key player in restorative dentistry.

Calasept calcium hydroxideCalasept® and Calsept® Plus, reliable, proven calcium hydroxide choices from Directa Dental, are two core products of the Calasept® line,  designed to optimize the root canal process. Both are radio-opaque and deliver a high volume of calcium hydroxide content (41 percent) to meet clinicians’ performance needs. Plus, they come with the added benefit of a significant bactericidal effect, thanks to the products’ high pH value of 12.4.

Both Calacept® choices are indicated for:

  • Temporary root-filling
  • Pulp capping
  • Pulp protection
  • Insulation in deep cavities
  • Stepwise excavation

Additionally, both Calasept® and Calacept® Plus release maximum calcium ions over time and come ready to use.

They’re packaged in airtight syringes for direct, fast application through luer lock sterilized needles—no mixing required. The airtight quality of the syringes is particularly important in preventing the calcium hydroxide from changing chemical form and turning into calcium carbonate.

Clinicians debating between the two products should know that what makes Calasept® Plus different is that it has a smoother texture and can be applied directly and precisely deep into the root canal with the help of a small, plastic needle that is both flexible and autoclavable (avoiding the need for a lentulo needle). Calasept® comes in two-and four-unit packaging with 10 and 20 needles, respectively. Calasept® Plus comes in single-unit and three-unit packaging, with three and 20 Flexi-Tips, respectively.

To learn more about Calasept® and see Directa’s case studies using the product for its various indications, visit

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