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Doctor's Favorites: Restoring Endodontically Treated Teeth


Doctor's Favorites: Restoring Endodontically Treated Teeth

Educator and author Dr. Ron Kaminer maintains practices in Hewlett, NY, and Oceanside, NY. He lectures regularly on a wide range of clinical topics, from laser dentistry to material selection. Here, he shares his preferred brands when restoring endodontically treated teeth.

NSK Ti-Max Z 95L dental handpiece

For crown preps, I always reach for my Ti-Max Z95L. NSK has combined one of the smallest heads on the market with features that create a comfortable, precise, durable handpiece. The short, small-diameter head and slim neck give me excellent visibility along with easy access to all areas of the mouth.

Kettenbach's Panasil


I do both traditional and digital impressioning in my practice. My go-to goop is Kettenbach’s Panasil. In addition to the huge range of viscosities and formulas that accommodate all the impression techniques I use, I am a fan of the jumbo-cartridge packaging that makes mixing and dispensing really easy with the Plug & Press system. I’m confident that every time we order, we’ll get the same consistent quality so we can provide the best possible information for my lab.


3Shape Trios digital scanner That said, since acquiring my 3Shape TRIOS scanner, I am capturing more and more of my impressions digitally. Patients love it and so does my team. I appreciate that it’s compatible with the different milling systems that my labs use.


Ceramir singlecap

When I’m ready to seat the definitive prosthesis, I use Doxa’s Ceramir cement almost exclusively. I’ve had lots of success with it and feel good about offering my patients something that promotes remineralization, resists bacteria, creates an excellent seal, and stays stable—even gets more retentive—over time. Added bonuses: It releases fluoride and is very easy to handle and place.

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