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A Dynamic Duo for Stunning, Shade-Accurate Anterior Restorations


create beautiful, shade-accurate anterior restorations with OMNICHROMA and OMNICHROMA BLOCKER

Crafting esthetic restorations in the anterior zone can pose significant clinical challenges.

To emulate the elusive qualities of natural dentition, practitioners not only need the right materials and skilled hands, but an in-depth understanding of the chromatic and optical properties of teeth. Another stumbling block arises when dealing with discolored anterior teeth. Dentin discoloration is commonly caused by dental trauma, the presence of endodontic metal posts or staining due to amalgam fillings or dietary habits.1 Large Class III and IV restorations can also prove problematic—in such cases, a lack of surrounding dentition may interfere with shade matching and cause composites to appear translucent or gray. In any of these situations, special restorative materials known as opaquers provide a conservative and esthetic solution.

Omnichroma Product OverheadOpaquers are resinous materials that can mask dark tooth surfaces with minimal preparation. Used as a substrate, these materials can be capped with additional composite resin layers to mimic the appearance of natural dentition and achieve ideal esthetic outcomes. Tokuyama Dental America’s OMNICHROMA BLOCKER is an opaquer designed to supplement OMNICHROMA®, a clinically-proven, resin-based restorative. Indicated for large Class III and IV cases and discolored dentin, OMNICHROMA BLOCKER serves as a lingual layer beneath the smart composite.

Together, OMNICHROMA and OMNICHROMA BLOCKER offer dentists a simple, elegant way to create beautiful, shade-accurate anterior restorations.

Thanks to Tokuyama’s Smart Chromatic Technology and a unique spherical filler composition, OMNICHROMA can flawlessly replicate any shade in the VITA classical family and beyond. These qualities imbue OMNICHROMA with the natural phenomenon known as structural color, allowing for a seamless blend with surrounding dentition and eliminating the need for complex, time-consuming shade matching.

Like other composites on the market, OMNICHROMA requires adequate tooth structure to capture color in incisal edge cases. This is where OMNICHROMA BLOCKER comes in. Building an opaque, light-attenuating wall with OMNICHROMA BLOCKER is easy—begin by preparing teeth, applying bonding and adding chamfers or bevels to eliminate margins and aid in shade matching. Next, create a thin, 0.5mm lingual layer with OMNICHROMA BLOCKER and light cure. Lastly, add OMNICHROMA as a secondary layer, light cure once more and then finish and polish your completed, shade-perfect restoration.

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