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E-Book Highlights KaVo Kerr as Single-Solution Provider


Highlighting the KaVo Kerr E-Book 

Do most of your products come from different manufacturers, but you’ve wondered if it might be more efficient and cost-effective to use a single manufacturer instead?

If your answer is “yes,” you’re not alone. This is the topic of “A Tale of Two Dentists…and a Single-Solution Provider,” a recently published e-book that tells the stories of two dentists who made the decision to streamline their inventory with KaVo Kerr
Download the e-book by clicking the cover on the right.

Dr. Brian Harris of Scottsdale, AZ, began his journey with KaVo Kerr through the Kerr Restoratives product line, first with SonicFill for posterior restorations and later Harmonize for anterior restorations.

After this introduction, he informed his rep that he was building out a space and needed a new x-ray sensor. She referred him to another product manager who showed him DEXIS Platinum sensors and the DEXIS CariVu system.

“Instead of trying to search the whole marketplace, it’s nice to be working with one company that has a lot of awesome products; it just simplifies it,” said Dr. Harris of his relationship with KaVo Kerr. He details how he takes advantage of a cash-back option in the KaVo Kerr Preferred Loyalty Program.

For Dr. Terry Work, also of Scottsdale, AZ, his journey with KaVo Kerr began with handpieces and continued into diagnostic imaging with KaVo OP 3D CBCT and then into direct and indirect restorative materials.

After trying TempBond Clear, a temporary cement, Dr. Work is currently learning more about the full line of Kerr Restoratives products and how he might be able to utilize them more.  

“Take time to meet with a single-solution company because it might be able to meet several of your needs at once, and you could end up saving a lot of time by having everything under one roof,” Dr. Work advises. 

Learn more and get a closer look at KaVo Kerr products by downloading the e-book.

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