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Early Gifts That Make Dentistry Easier for Your Staff


Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dental Team

With the holidays quickly approaching, many dentists will begin to think of what they might purchase for their staff as a way of saying “thank you.”

Before you consider out-of-office gifts, think in-office: what can you purchase now that might make their lives a bit easier in 2019 and beyond?

The Greater New York Dental Meeting is a convenient way to “get the goods” for your practice, and many manufacturers offer special promotions at their booths. Centrix is a good place to start, considering their tagline “Making Dentistry Easier” and their numerous industry awards.

Here’s a closer look at 2 products they’re highlighting at this year’s show:


FluoroDose Fluoride Varnish FluoroDose is a fluoride varnish with xylitol. In 2015, Centrix announced a new caramel flavor and reevaluated the product lineup with independent Dental Product Shopper evaluators, who gave FluoroDose a “Best Product” designation. Read more about the most highly-rated features in the FluoroDose evaluation

As one hygienist summarized, FluoroDose impacts her practice in 3 ways: patient acceptance, ease of use/faster application, and less waste, which results in less money spent.

Another hygienist said, “Most people loved it. It went on smoothly, tasted great, blended with tooth color, and was easily accepted. I used it on everyone that had sensitivity, abfractions, pitted enamel, or other abnormal areas.” It’s responses like these that have resulted in FluoroDose being rated by another independent evaluation organization as the top fluoride varnish for the past 5 years (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015).


See Donna Brogan RDH, BS, apply FluoroDose when treating a pediatric patient in the video below:


NoCord VPS

NoCord VPS is an all-in-one system with built-in sulcular expansion and hemostasis, delivering an impression with accuracy and dimensional stability using NoCord vps the clinician’s preferred technique. The system consists of the Centrix NoCord Wash and NoCord MegaBody Tray Materials, which together produce highly accurate dental impressions, most often without the need for retraction cords and pastes.

Here are 4 reasons to use this material:

1. Revolutionary formula  – NoCord Wash is the first wash material to incorporate a hemostatic agent to control bleeding and fluid flows. The MegaBody Tray Material creates sulcular expansion, driving the wash into the sulcus, displacing soft tissue, and helping to completely capture the prep margins.

2. Technique friendly – You don’t have to learn a new procedure. Simply use your traditional, 1-step wash and tray technique. NoCord VPS compliments your technique with safer, easier and error-free impressioning.

3. Saves real time, real money – This material eliminates the cost of using retraction cord or paste and applying an astringent. Notably, users find that for almost all light and moderate bleeding, NoCord allows them to skip this time-consuming and patient-unfriendly step. Two-cord users find that they do not need to take separate steps to stop ‘re-bleeders’ when the top cord is pulled.

4. Excellent results – NoCord VPS helps to capture clear, accurate, detailed margins with excellent dimensional stability. For patients with soft tissue concerns, NoCord provides even more safety and tissue protection.

NoCord saves me time by having the option of not packing cord and saves me money because it can control bleeding during an impression, resulting in fewer retakes. NoCord also reduces stress because it is accurate and results in a high-quality fit of the restoration,” said Dr. David Polhemus of Raleigh, NC.


The video below demonstrates how NoCord VPS makes impression-taking easier:



FluoroDose – Stop by booth #3000 to receive a free sample of each flavor of FluoroDose.

NoCord VPS – Also at booth #3000, Centrix will be doing live demos of the innovative NoCord VPS one-step impressioning system. In person, you’ll be able to see how the material combines retraction and hemostasis, eliminating the need for extra procedural steps.


Visit for a closer look at these products and more.

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