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Centrix’s E-Lieve Soothes Irritation and Prevents Cross-Contamination


Centrix’s E-Lieve Soothes Irritation and Prevents Cross-Contamination

 E-Lieve Vitamin E TreatmentCentrix is known for developing and manufacturing single-patient products that help prevent cross contamination—a top concern among dental professionals, especially as they begin to reopen their practices. Centrix’s latest product, E-Lieve, is an effective topical Vitamin E treatment that comes in 0.5-mL, single-patient tubes, eliminating cross-contamination.

Along with ensuring the highest degree of infection control with single-use products, clinicians should have on hand a minor soft tissue irritation treatment that soothes and moisturizers before, during, and after dental procedures. Providing such pain relief extends beyond comfort—it can completely transform the patient experience and encourage them to return to your office for care in the future. As a result, the benefits reach both sides of the dental chair—what’s good for patient health is also good for the practice. 

Pain-Relieving Power

 E-Lieve is designed to treat damaged gingival tissue during and after dental procedures, lubricate lips before rubber dam placement, treat denture-related discomfort, and protect lips and gums during whitening, along with other clinical applications. Vitamin E makes this material powerful and versatile; it serves as a moisturizer, absorbing into the tissue to reduce inflammation, and an antioxidant, protecting cell membranes from tissue-damaging oxidation. 

 In his DPS evaluation survey, Donald Jetter, DMD, was particularly impressed with the patient response in his Voorhees, NJ, practice. “Patients really appreciated receiving this product and said it was very effective at soothing irritated oral soft tissue,” he described, adding that E-Lieve “can help promote your practice’s caring nature.” 

 A Take-Home Bonus

 E-Lieve’s unit-dose packaging is easy to open and apply, and allows for both in-office application and convenient take-home use. If patients experience post-procedure discomfort—whether after the placement of new dentures or following rubber dam removal after a procedure—they can leave your office with a pain-relieving solution in their pockets. “I like the convenient, unified packaging, which makes it ideal for dispensing to patients,” concluded Dr. Jetter.

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