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Encourage Fun While Brushing With Kid’s Spinbrush


Encourage Fun While Brushing With Kid’s Spinbrush

Convincing kids to brush their teeth can be a dreary chore for parents and, for children, brushing can be about as enjoyable as making their beds or cleaning their rooms. But what if daily brushing could be fun for kids instead of a monotonous chore? If a child is excited to brush twice a day, it could save parents from nagging their kids to brush, perhaps removing a little stress from a family’s jam-packed day.

To make daily brushing fun for children and encourage a lifetime of healthy oral care habits, Church & Dwight offers the ARM & HAMMER Kid’s Spinbrush line, a low-cost powered toothbrush with several different kid-friendly characters featured on the brush. With 3 options designed to enhance the fun factor, children can brush with genies from Shimmer and Shine, fight plaque with a Jurassic World dinosaur, or tackle oral hygiene with Spiderman. The characters encourage fun brushing, and studies have shown that kids brush 38% longer when using a Spinbrush battery-powered toothbrush, compared to a manual brush, according to the manufacturer.

Not only is Kid’s Spinbrush focused on fun, but it’s ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into little hands for a comfortable grip. Powered with 2 AAA batteries, the spinning brush head helps remove plaque. The fixed lower bristles are topped with a spinning head that oscillates to clean, even between teeth, and the rotating movement removes plaque while massaging gums.

In addition to an effective, enjoyable brushing experience, Kid’s Spinbrush – along with the adult Spinbrush line – is offered at an affordable price. Church & Dwight calls it “the $10 toothbrush that delivers a $50 clean” and says it has been proven to brush as well as a premium-priced electric toothbrush.

Designed to make brushing an enjoyable experience and encourage little ones to develop good overall dental hygiene habits, Kid’s Spinbrush fights cavities and promotes a lifetime of happy, healthy brushing.

View the Spinbrush website to order for your practice. 

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