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Evaluators Agree: Luxator P-Series Cut Cleanly, Easily


A clean surgical cut can reduce trauma and the risk of bone fractures, and that’s why the Luxator P-Series from Directa Dental can improve the quality of your extractions. The series is comprised of four instruments—a straight blade, a curved blade, a contra angle and a dual-edged option—so you’re prepared for nearly any clinical situation.

Each instrument’s thin periotome tip, which is thinner and sharper than you’ll find in the original Luxator series, is coated with titanium nitride for durability so you can quickly and efficiently cut the periodontal ligament. No additional sharpening of the blades is required. You’ll get predictable results each time as you prepare to make the final extraction with a forceps or elevator.

The series is designed with both ergonomics and efficiency in mind—each lightweight tool has a pen-like grip to facilitate comfort, leverage and control, which makes each procedure easier for the patient and clinician alike. Plus, each tool in the set is color coded for easy identification during a procedure—no wasted chair time trying to find just the right blade.

The Luxator P-Series performed exceptionally well for Dental Product Shopper evaluators, who gave it an overall 4.7 in their recent evaluation; it also received the coveted title of Dental Product Shopper Best Product. The instrument set scored its highest marks in both sharpness of blade and cutting ability.

Dr. Thomas Gilbert, one of the evaluators, praised the P-Series for their ability to help him protect and retain bone during procedures. “The luxators had such thin tips that they literally slid down next to the root/tooth surface to get a good pivot point to luxate the tooth to loosen it,” he said. “It is the perfect solution to those tough extractions with broken roots or atraumatic extractions for implant placement.”

“The ergonomic grip of the handles is very comfortable and helpful when exerting apical pressure around the roots of hopeless teeth,” added Dr. Michael LaMarche.

Dr. Stuart Zaller had plenty of praise for the instrument set, calling them “phenomenal.” He added: “After removing teeth for 25 years, I never thought taking out teeth could be easier. But wow, [I will] never cut away bone again!

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