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Take an Evolutionary Leap with a Bioactive Self-Adhesive, Nano-Hybrid Flowable Composite


Take an Evolutionary Leap with Shofu's FIT SA™

Recent advancements in restorative dental materials have helped simplify workflows, improve clinical outcomes and enable more minimally invasive procedures. In traditional clinical adhesive procedures, the requirements of multiple steps and products equate to increased procedural time and potential challenges. Newly developed, self-adhering materials, however, serve to minimize both the complexity and time spent chairside. Some of these products even offer functional advantages beyond conventional restoratives, delivering long-term benefits to dental health. The possibilities these materials present are truly endless.

FIT SA flowable compositeCombining proven expertise in bonding materials and resin restoratives, Shofu Dental Corporation aims to make an evolutionary leap in dental technology with FIT SA™. This groundbreaking new material is designed to be the ultimate restorative: a self-adhesive, nano-hybrid flowable composite that contains Shofu’s innovative ion-releasing bioactive Giomer technology. FIT SA wholly enhances minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry, allowing clinicians to work faster and smarter. In the end, this means greater productivity for dentists and better outcomes for patients.

FIT SA’s self-adhesive capabilities eliminate the need for time-consuming, technique-sensitive bonding procedures. As a result, FIT SA can be used for liner, small Class I (PRR), Class III and V as well as other non-load-bearing restorations—all without the need for a bonding agent. With its unique, BPA-free chemistry, FIT SA creates a chemical bond and resin tag infiltration, ensuring strong, reliable adhesion.

A light-curable, nano-hybrid composite, FIT SA delivers exceptional strength and polishability in minimal time. The product also offers excellent handling, enabling precision placement. Additionally, FIT SA’s one-of-a-kind filler structure flawlessly replicates the intrinsic light transmission and diffusion properties of natural dentin and enamel. The result: a seamlessly blended, picture-perfect restoration.

Inside FIT SA is Shofu’s exclusive bioactive Giomer Technology, that releases and recharges fluoride and five other beneficial ions for the life of the restoration. With Giomer, patients can experience everything from anti-bacterial and acid-neutralizing effects to strengthened tooth structure and more. These long-term benefits were validated by an eight-year independent clinical study that reported a 100% retention rate with no secondary caries, failures or post-operative sensitivity. In the absence of a bonding layer, FIT SA is an optimal vehicle for bioactive Giomer technology ions, as they can flow freely from the restorative directly into tooth structure.

FIT SA is perfect for all patients, though especially ideal for pediatric and geriatric. The product is available in two viscosities, low flow (F03) and high flow (F10), and five shades to meet all of your clinical needs.


To learn more about FIT SA and order the product for your practice, visit Shofu’s website.

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