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EXACTA Dental Quick: Your Next Mobile App Download


There are many reasons why dental healthcare professionals prefer to order supplies online, and most have to do with time savings and convenience. During a busy workday, it’s easier to search for and select the products you need online and to quickly place an order. If you forget something, modifying your order is just a simple click away.

Maximizing your time is now even easier with personalized applications on smartphones. Over the course of a busy day, it’s easier to just order on-the-go, even when you’re away from the office computer. Also, using an app is often more accessible than navigating a website’s ordering system. It’s easy to click the interface of your phone and be redirected to an ordering system within seconds. .

One-click shopping has revolutionized the way people order online, and now it’s doing the same in the dental profession. Years ago, dentists  might have referred to the latest edition of their  favorite dental product catalog to send away for essential items. Those magazines still exist as a resource, but most brands, like EXACTA, are ramping up their digital presence and selling products directly on their websites.

EXACTA Dental Direct is a company that is going an extra step by offering a convenient mobile app, EXACTA Dental Quick. Designed as a one-stop-shop, this app essentially serves as a direct connection from you, the practitioner, to the manufacturer,  so that you can easily restock frequently used items, including direct restorative materials, temporary materials, and impression materials.

Using the proprietary app of a reputable company like EXACTA has two key advantages: it streamlines the ordering process and saves valuable time. Dentists who manage a practice know the importance of efficiency and time management. Minimize the amount of time you and your staff spend on ordering and reordering supplies, and you’ll gain more time interacting with patients, whether in the operatory or in the waiting room.

Added value comes in the form of a guarantee. As discussed in a previous blog, the EXACTA Promise 100% Money Back Guarantee ensures that if you’re not satisfied with a dental product within 30 days of purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

If “time is money,” than the EXACTA Dental Quick app can give you more of both. Learn more about the app at

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