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Expect More From Your Desensitizer: BondSaver and BondSaver D Offer a Lot More!


Invented by Dr. John Kanca III, the BondSaver product line has been developed to provide five significant benefits:

•      Desensitizes instantly

•      Prevents bond degradation

•      Disinfects with potent antimicrobial agents

•      Stiffens and fixes collagen

•      Provides fluoride at the restorative-tooth interface.

For decades, desensitizers have been limited in function to only provide desensitization. Why not expect more from the added step in your protocol? BondSaver and BondSaver D desensitize instantly, but also prevent long-term bond degradation, disinfect, stiffen and fix collagen fibers, and provided fluoride at the restorative–tooth interface. The additional functionality makes BondSaver and BondSaver D the material to use as your desensitizer.

BondSaver and BondSaver D are materials that belong under every restoration placed, no matter what it is. BondSaver D belongs under amalgams, crowns and total etch resin composite restorations. Regular BondSaver belongs on the tooth prior to self-etch resin adhesives.

Easy to apply, no drying, no rinsing, no scrubbing….  Simply apply and move on in your bonding protocol.

So if you’re ready to optimize the restoration-tooth interface and protect the long-term integrity of your bonding system, click here for more information from Apex Dental Materials.




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