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Extract with Ease Using Physics Forceps from Directa


Extract with Ease Using Physics Forceps from Directa

Directa Dental recently expanded its Luxator series with the acquisition of the Physics® Forceps tool.

The tool continues the Luxator series’ goal of helping clinicians simply and predictably extract teeth without using traditional forceps. Instead, using Luxator tools, clinicians can give patients a positive extraction experience start to finish that minimizes trauma.

physics forceps from directa dental The Physics Forceps remove teeth through elevation, using first-class lever mechanics in a patented “beak and bumper” technique.

One handle is connected to a bumper, which acts as the fulcrum and is placed deep in the vestibule. The other is connected to the beak, which is usually positioned on the lingual or palatal root of the tooth into the gingival sulcus. Minimal pressure (and no squeezing) is required to rotate the handles and remove the tooth.

What helps create a predictable experience each time is that the Physics Forceps place a constant and steady load on the tooth, allowing “creep” to build, releasing hyaluronic acid that breaks down periodontal ligaments. This method is faster and more consistent than conventional extraction methods. Plus, because no part of the instrument grasps the crown, there is no advanced elevation needed.

The Physics Forceps can be used in many extraction cases, including when the removal of teeth would be challenging with conventional instrumentation, such as when the teeth are badly decayed, broken, fractured or fragile. The tool can also be used on endodontically treated teeth, curved or long rooted molars and cuspids. The Standard Series of Physics Forceps are appropriate for most cases, but there are times when other versions of the tool may be more appropriate, For instance, on third molars, the Molar Series may be preferable. Physics Forceps also come in a Pedodontic Series for primary tooth extraction.


Learn more about the Luxator series or call 203-491-2273.

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