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Doctor's Favorites: Cosmetic Procedures


What are Your Favorite Products to use when it comes to Cosmetic Procedures?

A current accredited member and past president of the AACD, Dr. John K. Sullivan runs an insurance-free practice specializing in restorative, implant, and sleep apnea treatment in Eugene, OR. He lectures internationally on the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry and practice enhancement. Here, he shares some of his favorite products to use during cosmetic procedures and beyond.


Estelite Universal FlowWhen placing direct restorations, especially in the anterior, Tokuyama Dental’s Estelite Universal Flow composite gives me a quick and easy way to esthetically correct and shape tooth structure. The material comes in different viscosities—super low, medium, and high—which provides good handling and flow characteristics to ensure exact placement.

Another flowable composite that has served me well is Shofu’s Beautifil Flow Plus X. It is not only easy to use, but its unique Giomer chemistry allows the material to release fluoride. This is a great long-term benefit for patients, especially those who are caries prone.

Designed to offer patients long-lasting and durable relief,

Tokuyama Dental's Sofreliner Tough is a silicone-based denture liner that comes in 2 consistencies, medium and soft. This allows it to be used in almost any type of full or partial reline case. It can even be used as a soft material to fit over recently surgically repaired areas in immediate denture cases.

GC Fuji IX GPGC America’s GC Fuji IX GP is essentially our dental duct tape. The packable posterior restorative is easy to handle, releases fluoride, sets quickly, and is extremely hard. It can be used for temporizing fractures for those emergency patients who pop up in our schedules, as well as for final restorations or core buildups.

For impression-taking, 3M Imprint 4 Preliminary Penta and Penta Super Quick impression materials are consistent, accurate, and easy to mix through a PentaMix delivery system.

Finally, an esthetic way to temporarily cement indirect restorations, KaVo Kerr’s Temp-Bond Clear is easy to use and clean up after removal, and ensures that temporary crowns do not come off.

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