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Doctor's Favorites: Direct Restorative Products


Favorite Direct Restorative Products

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Michael Teitelbaum, DMD, MAGD, FACD, completed the prosthodontic program at the New York University College of Dentistry. He has practiced family and cosmetic dentistry in Briarcliff Manor, NY, for almost 30 years, and enjoys using the latest dental technology. He is a Fellow in the American College of Dentists, a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry, and lectures nationally on cosmetic dentistry and occlusion. Here, he shares some of his favorite direct restorative products.

For decades, one of the gold standards for excellent, truly beautiful dentistry has been Renamel Microfill by Cosmedent. Designed by legendary cosmetic authority Dr. Bud Mopper to perfectly match the VITA shade guide, this composite system offers proven decades-long color stability.

Omnichroma from tokuyamaA newer entrant in the cosmetic composite market is OMNICHROMA. Tokuyama Dental claims that this one composite (and a blocker when needed) will easily match almost any solid tooth color when used properly. After using OMNICHROMA for a few months, I’ve found the manufacturer’s claim to be true, and I’ve got pictures to prove it. It's almost as if they included chameleon DNA, allowing it to seamlessly blend into any adjacent tooth color.

Whether I'm straightening just a few teeth, uprighting molars for an implant or bridge, or planning a full-mouth alignment, I can simply design Invisalign cases myself or allow Align Technology to do the bulk of the work for me. With expert Invisalign orthodontists on call to help with technical support, it's easy for dentists to offer clear aligners in their practices.

When my reputation is on the line, I need dependable products like DenMat’s Core Paste for post and cores. Flowable to start but quickly hard enough to prep, Core Paste has taken the worry out of core buildups for me for almost 30 years.

I hate remakes, so I try to be accurate the first time. Research shows custom trays help give the most accurate impressions, but why pay a lab for something that's so easy to make in-house? With Dentsply Sirona's Triad Custom Tray material, I can easily make accurate, hard custom trays in just a few minutes for implants, removables, bridges, and even for single-tooth impressions. Triad saves me time and money and helps me provide better dentistry the first time.

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