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Four Reasons to Use Spotit C&B Contact Finder


1. Exact indication for adjustment of C&B contact areas between teeth

Spotit is a colored marker strung like a flosser. As the marker is pushed through the contact between the prosthetic and adjacent teeth it leaves a clear and unambiguous mark where adjustment will be needed for creating a perfect contact point.

2. Optimal access

Spotit comes in ergonomic straight or angled handles, so you can get between teeth from any direction, providing more comfort for you and your patients.

3. Easy handling

You will be able to check occlusion without assistance. It’s easy to hold the crown in one hand and the marker in the other hand.

4. No mess

Spotit doesn’t flop around like a piece of contact paper, so there will be no marks outside the contact area, or an excess of color on the contact—it’s more precise and will result in less excessive adjustments and an exactly sized contact point.

With Spotit, adjusting contact points on crowns and bridges has never been easier!

Click here for more information on Directa Dental's Spotit and to watch an animated movie on how simple it is to use.

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