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Get a Grip on Directa Dental’s Luxator P-series


When you’re doing an extraction, are your current tools giving you the control and precision you need while also sitting comfortably in your hand?

If not, you may want to give the Luxator P-series from Directa Dental a try. This series of pen-like periotomes provide maximum tactility, while allowing you to easily cut through dental tissue, minimizing trauma.

Directa Dental’s Luxator line offers safe, precise and ergonomic surgical tools for successful extractions. The P-series the line’s newest addition.

Each of the four blade options in the P-series is tapered and has a unique design to facilitate access to a particular area of the mouth. A knob at the top of each tool allows for increased axial force by a surgical mallet. You’ll get predictable results each time because these tools are self-sharpening, too.

The Luxator P-series tools are coated with titanium nitride—which improves wear resistance over stainless steel and is an upgrade from previous Luxator choices.

Here's a breakdown of what each tool in the series can do:

  • Luxator P1 (green, straight): A general use tool that gives the clinician easy access to the periodontal ligament. The P1 is ideal for anteriors and for separating molar roots.
  • Luxator P2 (light blue, inverted curved): This blade is bent slightly backward for mesial or distal use in hard-to-reach posterior areas.
  • The Luxator P3 (dark blue, contra angle): This tool’s blade is bent slightly forward for lingual or buccal use in posterior areas.
  • The Luxator P4 (lilac, dual edge): This tool enables the clinician to luxate and remove fractured roots. The P4 is also a starter instrument for more complex extractions.

Note that the P-series should is contraindicated for cases where the bone is missing or is especially thin. However, these tools are ideal for most cases, and can help give you and your patients the results you want.

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