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Get Some Help with Your Study Club


I confess to being a bit of nerd when it comes to learning. Give me a writing workshop, author talk, or online course and I’m there. For me to do what I do, that’s all voluntary. I can be a writer without continuing education. It’s not like the local writers board is going to revoke my license.

It’s a little different for you, though, right? Continuing education is key to staying up to date on the most recent advances in care and it’s required. I imagine, however, that it’s tough to fit it all in. I know individual state requirements vary, but when you’re busy running a practice, finding time for CE opportunities that are convenient for your schedule may be a challenge.

Luckily, there are lots of sources out there. One great way to keep learning and commune with your fellow dentists is with your local study club. The challenge there, though, can be in finding presenters and topics for each meeting. Your fellow dentists can be great resources as well as dental schools in your area.

One other resource you might want to consider tapping into are dental product manufacturers. Tokuyama, for example, works with study clubs and other organizations to present hands-on courses (who doesn’t love a hands-on course) and lectures featuring qualified clinicians.

Tokuyama, the manufacturer behind Estelite Sigma Quick, Sofreliner Reline Materials, and Bond Force, does a tremendous job attending and putting on workshops, lectures, and tradeshows. To see where Tokuyama will be appearing in the next five months, visit their news & events page.

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