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Here's a Tip from Vista Apex


If you want precision in your placement of calcium hydroxide, the Visco-Tip from Vista Apex may be just what you’re looking for. Visco-Tip, one of Vista Apex's nearly 20 endodontic tip options, is a classic that has stood the test of time. It continues to delight dentists with its ability to improve the flowability of viscous materials, and it is particularly notable because it is the only tip specifically designed for easy delivery of calcium hydroxide and bioceramic materials.


Visco-Tip, which comes in a 20-cup and 50-cup pack, has a bendable, flexible 25ga tip and features a Secure-Lock hub. Its unique design allows it to easily navigate curved anatomy, ensuring the material is placed just where you need it, while preventing clogging and minimizing waste.


The Visco-Tip pairs especially well with Vista Apex's Vista-Cal product. This 35 percent calcium hydroxide paste in a 12.5 pH aqueous solution is indicated for the temporary filling and cleansing of root canals. This radiopaque antibacterial agent can stimulate bone healing. Paired together, Vista-Cal and Visco-Tip can eliminate the guessing games and give you predictable results for each patient restoration.


However, it’s worth mentioning that you can use the Visco-Tip for more than calcium hydroxide placement. It also is compatible with BC Sealer material, other bioceramics, pulp capping materials and flowable MTA materials; minimizing waste and enhancing placement of these often expensive materials.

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