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High-Quality Digital Photography for the Entire Dental Office


In an age where digital photography has become increasingly integral to dentistry, a camera that not only delivers high-quality imagery but is also easy to operate is a major asset to any dental office or laboratory. Photography plays a critical part in patient records and education as well as diagnosis and procedural planning. Orthodontics, smile design and whitening are just a few of many areas of dentistry that greatly benefit from the precise documentation good photographs provide. Designed exclusively for dentistry, the EyeSpecial C-III digital dental camera from Shofu Dental captures crystal-clear images that modern dentistry and orthodontics demand.

The EyeSpecial C-III was built with ease-of-use in mind and allows for consistent results regardless of team members’ photographic experience. The camera offers 8 pre-set dental shooting modes along with “smart” features such as auto-cropping, focus and zoom. At approximately 590 grams, the construction of the camera is lightweight yet durable and can be operated with one hand, even while wearing medical gloves. Additionally, the EyeSpecial C-III is water-, chemical- and scratch-resistant and can be readily cleaned with a surface wipe to ensure compliance with office infection control protocols.

Furnished with a 12 megapixel, 35mm SLR-equivalent sensor and Zeiss’s optics, Shofu Dental’s EyeSpecial C-III demonstrates exceptional depth-of-field range, producing brilliant, high-contrast intraoral and extraoral photographs. No additional flashes or lenses are required to achieve maximum results with the EyeSpecial C-III—the camera comes equipped with a 49mm close-up lens, anti-shake, infrared, UV and anti-reflection capabilities as well as a proprietary FlashMatic system ensuring quality imagery under any conditions. The intelligent FlashMatic system offers an automatic flash setting which controls exposure and displays true-to-life colors for accurate tooth shade reproduction. The camera’s large, high-definition LCD screen allows for quick, intuitive image and menu navigation and contains an integrated crop-frame function. Clinical photographs taken with the EyeSpecial C-III can be transferred to other OSHA- and HIPAA-compliant devices instantly as the device is wireless SD-card compatible.

Want to learn more about the EyeSpecial C-III? Visit Shofu Dental’s website to watch videos of the product in action, check out its accolades, and to order it for your practice.

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