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How Do You Choose a New Matrix Band


So, I was checking out the matrix band evaluations conducted by Dental Product Shopper evaluators and started thinking about what the highest scoring matrix bands have in common. Here’s what I discovered is most important to clinicians:


  • Ease of use, placement, and removal
  • Band strength and stability
  • Anatomical contour
  • Tightness of contacts

When evaluators have noted in their matrix band reviews that they would purchase or recommend a particular product, these are the features that seemed to rise to the top. And that all seems about right to me. When I’ve spoken to my dentist friends about using matrix bands (and I’m just talking matrix bands here, not sectional matrix systems), these four elements have been mentioned most.


If it’s not easy to use (including placement and removal), you’re going to be wasting time and money…and annoying your patients. Without band strength and stability, you’re left with a big mess. And, of course, without good anatomical contour and tight contacts, the resulting restoration will be a disappointment to you and your patients.


So, go ahead, check out all of the matrix bands we’ve complied on our site. And when you see something that looks like the right fit for you, ask your colleagues what they find works best, read Dental Product Shopper peer-to-peer evaluations, and take a look at our key opinion leader articles. With these three resources—colleague recommendations, DPS evaluations, and expert opinions—in your back pocket, you’re sure to make the right decision.

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