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How NuCalm Helps You Perform at Your Best


NuCalm is an Ideal Solution for the Dental Office 

NuCalm is all-natural and proven to reduce anxiety in all kinds of people and situations. It works neurologically to reduce the fearful patient’s stress response. Patients and other users can’t help relaxing. NuCalm relaxation dentistry is an ideal approach for dental offices. Patients can easily use it while they are in the dental chair, and the small time investment often pays off in improved office proficiency. NuCalm patient relaxation can be used along with traditional sedation methods, such as oral conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, or IV sedation because there is no interaction with drugs. 

What does this mean for clinicians?

We all perform better when we’re rested, comfortable, and at ease. Imagine if the patient sitting in your chair has taken a few minutes to chill out before you enter the operatory. He or she has applied the cream, put the headphones on, and is wearing the eye mask. The anxiety level has dropped significantly, and you respond by feeling less worried about your patient’s frame of mind. You can focus on doing dentistry because the atmosphere is in better balance.

Imagine less anxious patients when using NuCalm relaxation dentistry,  having less tension in their jaw and neck muscles, making access to the oral cavity easier for longer periods. Perhaps their gag reflex is less of an issue. Their response to the noises of dentistry (the drill, the evacuator, scraping noises) is reduced. Perhaps your grip on your tools is looser, your shoulders are not as tight because your patient is resting quietly and his or her breathing is steadier. The time a dental appointment takes is shorter and not as worrisome because it’s more calming than usual. 

Imagine at the end of the procedure, you might get a smile that reflects a calmer state of mind rather than just pure relief that it’s over. The patient may feel relaxed through the rest of the day, looking back on the experience as less painful and not at all unpleasant.

Imagine how you might feel if you were using the award winning NuCalm therapy a couple times a week yourself.

The primary way dentists have offered to counter stress is sedation dentistry, however, suppressing the conscious mind does not combat the body's natural stress response. The side effects such as grogginess, nausea, and delayed recovery, possibly creating even more stress and discomfort. 

The effects of the NuCalm technology are consistent and predictable—it helps everyone. 

What if the business of dentistry, as well as the practice, were a more relaxing and rewarding experience for you? Dentists have added luxury, increased comforts, and have become more responsive of their patient's overall needs, but for most patients, the entire experience at the dental office is missing NuCalm therapy, and relaxation


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