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For Intraoral Sensor Protection, TrollDental Has You Covered


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For Intraoral Sensor Protection, TrollDental Has You Covered

TrollBag XLTrollBag 1&2

This year, perhaps more than any other, clinicians don’t want to think twice about the cleanliness of their operatories and equipment—and they don’t want patients to think twice, either. To ensure optimal infection control for everyone who sets foot in the practice, dental teams should stock the office not only with ample personal protective equipment, but sterilization tools and techniques that keep patients both safe and comfortable.

Intraoral sensors, in particular, should be secured with a durable and reliable cover. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Summary of Infection Prevention and Practices in Dental Settings, digital radiography sensors are considered semicritical devices because they are in direct contact with patients’ oral tissues. While sensors should be sterilized after each patient use, it also is recommended that they be protected by an FDA-cleared barrier to reduce contamination during treatment.

A Soft and Strong Solution

While there are many sensor barriers on the market, not all prioritize patient comfort and a secure fit the way TrollDental’s TrollBags do. Unlike stiff sensor bags with sharp seams, TrollBags have a soft texture free of sharp edges to enhance comfort and reduce the stress of dental x-rays for patients. The digital sensor covers are elastic and stretch easily around sensors while creating no extra volume. Latex-free and shaped for easy sensor insertion, TrollBags are gentle on sensors and prolong their durability, while being easy to tear apart without causing cord damage or strain on the cable connection.

TrollBag covers come in sizes #1, #2, and XL in a 500-piece dispenser box. See how these bags are used here:

TrollBag Sensor Covers:

TrollBag XL Sensor Covers:

Visit to order TrollBags and to learn more about TrollDental’s complete line of dental products.

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