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The Magic is Here: ACTIVA Presto


The Magic is Here... ACTIVA Presto

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In January 2020, Pulpdent launched ACTIVA Presto, the first light cure composite designed to mimic the properties of natural teeth. Using the tooth as the standard, Pulpdent has developed a material that is esthetic, high strength, moisture-friendly and contains no Bis-GMA, no Bisphenol A and no BPA derivatives.

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The magic of ACTIVA Presto is in the resin, which is hydrophilic and facilitates the diffusion of bioavailable calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions. “It’s acting just like a tooth,” explains Larry Clark, Director of Clinical Affairs at Pulpdent, “it’s giving off and taking back ions.” This unique chemistry penetrates and integrates with tooth structure for margin-free adaptation. The material also contains a patented rubberized-resin that absorbs stress and resists wear, fracture, and chipping, even in thin areas on bevel margins.

ACTIVA Presto is a stackable composite that holds its shape and will not slump. This versatile material is indicated for all classes of cavities and comes in a variety of shades, including cervical shades A4 and A6, which are ideal for older patients. ACTIVA Presto is highly radiopaque (250%) and comes in easy to use 1.2 mL syringes.

ACTIVA Presto is available for purchase in the United States starting in January 2020. The magic is here!

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