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Irrigate Thoroughly – And Electronically


During a root canal, are you sure you’re removing as much necrotic tissue, microorganisms and their by-products as possible? Could you be disinfecting the area more thoroughly? Many devices currently available for this cleaning and disinfecting process do not conform well to intricate root canal anatomy, and can leave as much as 35 percent of the canal anatomy untouched, according to Vista Dental Products. This leads to possible complications with the procedure as well as the need for possible retreatment.

Vista’s answer to subpar irrigation is EndoUltra®, the only cordless, activation device available. Vista has found that acoustic streaming and cavitation can significantly improve the cleaning of difficult anatomy. With ultrasonic activation, you can significantly improve the debridement of canal spaces and disruption of biofilm, as well as improve the penetration of irrigants into dentinal tubules. In short, EndoUltra® can greatly reduce bacteria levels and improve root sealing.

Because it is cordless and portable, EndoUltra® can be easily incorporated into your existing irrigation protocol. It also can be used in conjunction with two other Vista products, Chlor-XTRA™, an enhanced NaOCl, and SmearOFF™ 2-in-1, an EDTA-based formula enhanced with chlorhexidine, for optimal irrigation. Using these products with EndoUltra® can increase your confidence that the restoration area is clean as possible, so your restoration can be as successful as possible.

“I find EndoUltra® to be extremely useful in the practice of endodontics. It is lightweight, small and very easy to operate,” said Dr. Daniel M. Janowski, an Illinois-based dentist, in a review of the prodfuct for Vista. “The most important aspect in endodontics is to remove tissue and debris. With this unit, I am able to reach far down the canal to activate NaOCl, EDTA, and other solutions I use during cleansing and shaping. I am very happy with this unit.”

To learn more about EndoUltra®, visit or call 1-877-418-4782.

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