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Keystone Contributes to Test Swabs, Makes Hand Sanitizer In Response to COVID-19


Keystone Contributes to Test Swabs, Makes Hand Sanitizer In Response to COVID-19

3d printing of test swabs for covid 19As the COVID-19 pandemic reached its peak and the dental industry came to a near standstill, Keystone Industries found itself ramping up production full throttle to help with two products urgently needed in response to the health crisis. The company, known for producing innovative, high-tech products in the dental and cosmetic industries, began producing hand sanitizer for the first time while supplying a crucial product for COVID-19 test swabs.

Keystone’s KeySplint Soft Clear material, a unique 3D printing resin, was originally developed for the fabrication of mouthguards, night guards, and snoring appliances. However, as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, the material was determined to have the right balance of properties to make a soft, flexible swab for COVID-19 testing.

Resolution Medical, an in vitro diagnostic and medical device manufacturer, is producing the newly developed Resolution Medical Lattice Swabs at a scale of 1 million per week using the KeySplint Soft Clear material and Carbon Digital Light SynthesisTM technology. The swabs, which are biocompatible and autoclavable, are being printed hundreds at a time with a unique serialization present on each strip to facilitate traceability.

“Resolving the national shortage of nasopharyngeal testing swabs is critical to the global fight against COVID-19,” said clinical pathologist Ramy Arnaout, MD, PhD, who led a coalition of researchers involved in developing the product.

Simultaneously, Keystone determined it had the infrastructure, the know-how, and the supply chain resources at its Gibbstown, NJ, facility to begin manufacturing hand sanitizer. Amid the national shortage, the company began supplying the product to major retail distributors. Keystone has also helped workers on the front lines of the pandemic, donating the products to local municipalities for use by emergency responders.

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