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Maxcem Elite Chroma among ‘Best’ Products in Dentistry


Does your cement adhere to the “status quo”? You might be accustomed to using numerous products to seat a restoration, guessing when exactly to start removing the excess cement, and consequently struggling with a difficult cleanup. With Maxcem Elite Chroma, Kerr Restoratives has introduced a better system that eliminates the guesswork when seating a restoration. In fact, it’s one of the best cements on the market, according to your peers.

Maxcem Elite Chroma is a self-etch/self-adhesive resin cement offering an industry-first Color Cleanup Indicator. There are 5 key advantages of this product:

1. The Color Cleanup Indicator provides reassurance of a full cure.

2. Tack curing accelerates the color change.

3. It’s a time-saver for dental assistants/hygienists who know exactly when to clean up.

4. It minimizes accessory products, such as amalgamator.

5. The easy one-peel cleanup at the gel state has virtually no flaking and clumping.  

Although one-peel cleanup is an attribute from the previous-generation Maxcem Elite, Kerr now offers color-changing technology in Maxcem Elite Chroma, so dentists know when exactly to clean up the excess. That was the experience of Dr. Michael Donahoo in the video below.

You know that if cleanup begins before the cement reaches a gel state, then the restoration can fail prematurely. On the other hand, if you wait too long for the cement to set, you may find it difficult to remove. Maxcem Elite Chroma’s ease of cleanup makes a significant difference, according to Dental Product Shopper evaluators, who gave the highest marks to this feature. They also gave Maxcem Elite Chroma a “Best Product” designation.

It’s no small feat to be named a DPS Best Product, especially for an everyday product like cement. Since 2007, thousands of products have been evaluated and just a fraction, approximately 300, have earned the Best Product designation. Just based on its many industry accolades, Kerr has a winner in Maxcem Elite Chroma, and now a DPS Ultimate Office Sweepstakes winner can add this cement to their armamentarium.

Maxcem Elite Chroma is among more than 30 top products, including OptiBond Universal, that are featured in this year's sweepstakes, which offers dentists the opportunity to build an "Ultimate Office" with the best equipment, supplies, and services in the dental profession. Learn more and enter to win at You must be in it to win it by Dec. 31.

But if you don’t want to wait on “Lady Luck,” you can get Maxcem Elite Chroma ahead of the New Year at the Greater New York Dental meeting. Visit Kerr Restoratives at booth #4818 to learn more.

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