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Minimize Operatory Aerosols with the Flip of a Switch


Minimize Operatory Aerosols with the Flip of a Switch

by Michael Howard

Out of all the tools used in modern dentistry, dental handpieces are often considered the most fundamental. However, despite their vast utility and convenience across a range of procedures, many of these instruments present an unfortunate downside. Broadly speaking, handpieces are among the greatest producers of aerosols, tiny particles that can linger in the operatory airspace for hours and remain an indefinite danger on surfaces. Aerosols act as an ideal vehicle for an array of infectious pathogens that live in the salivary secretions of infected persons, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, aerosols and, in turn, dental handpieces, can pose major cross-infection risks both to dental practitioners and their patients.


The good news is that not all handpieces are created equally—thanks to technological advancements, some devices are now specifically designed to minimize aerosols and the risk of infection transmission. Two such examples are the new Ti-Max Z95L and Z45L, innovative contra-angles from NSK, the largest global manufacturer of dental rotary instruments. Featuring the Z Switch, the world’s first two-way spray technology, these handpieces can cut down aerosol production instantaneously, delivering maximum protection without sacrificing performance.nsk ti-max z95l


NSK’s patented Z Switch enables you to effortlessly transition between two optimum cooling modes with no equipment modification required. With the flip of an easy on/off switch, choose between Water Spray (water and coolant air) or Water Jet (water only) at a moment’s notice. Water Jet can boost operatory safety by reducing aerosols by up to 50%, while Water Spray is readily available whenever conditions allow.


Z Switch functionality is available on the new Ti-Max Z95L and Z45L, two speed-increasing contra-angle handpieces designed with versatility, durability and ergonomics in mind. As shown in experiments conducted by the manufacturer, contra-angles have been proven to produce significantly fewer aerosols than their air turbine counterparts. Now, with the addition of Z Switch technology, these instruments put superior performance and even more convenient and effective infection prevention at your fingertips.


To learn more about the Z Switch, Ti-Max Z95L and Z45L, watch video demonstrations, and order products for your practice, visit NSK’s website.

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