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Optimize Moisture Control and Patient Comfort with DryDent®, A Unique Super Absorbent


Optimize Moisture Control and Patient Comfort with DryDent®, A Unique Super Absorbent

DryDent moisture control pad The moisture-rich oral cavity is an ideal environment for many natural processes, but not for dental work. Saliva, produced at a rate of up to 3mL per minute, poses a major obstacle for clinicians, especially when placing composite restorations. Resin materials are notoriously technique-sensitive and, due to their hydrophobic nature, successful outcomes depend on maintaining a clean, dry field. Preparation and impression-taking also require a moisture-free working area for accurate results. In the absence of a dry environment, everything from bond failure, postoperative sensitivity, and microleakage can occur, undermining the longevity of the restoration and patient health.

To ensure a successful, long-lasting restoration, a dry working area is critical. While the market offers many options for isolating the field from moisture, they are often less than ideal—placement can be cumbersome or time-consuming and patients may experience discomfort. With innovative designs that deliver optimal moisture control and patient comfort, DryDent® Sublingual and DryDent® Parotid by Directa Dental offer simple yet effective solutions to common clinical woes.

As a replacement for traditional isolation, the slim but super-absorbent DryDent excels. In a recent Dental Product Shopper “Why I Use” testimonial, Robert Beatty, DDS, reports that DryDent “surpasses traditional cotton rolls and dry angles,” providing “better moisture control, ideal patient comfort, excellent coverage, and zero leakage when absorbed to capacity.” DryDent is made of a soft, flexible foam with smooth edges, allowing for gentle, easy placement. Unlike other absorbents, DryDent is thin and stays put when wet, never sliding out of place or obscuring visibility.

DryDent is available in two versatile designs: DryDent Sublingual and DryDent Parotid. The former is intended for placement under the tongue to collect moisture from the sublingual and submandibular glands, while DryDent Parotid is placed directly over the parotid glands for optimal saliva absorption. The sublingual version can also serve as a barrier between saliva ejectors and patient soft tissues.

Both DryDent Sublingual and DryDent Parotid are available in small and large sizes to fit any patient. For optimal results, DryDent Sublingual and DryDent Parotid can be used together—Dr. Beatty has had success deploying both products through every phase of the restoration process, ensuring a clean, dry field and patient comfort from preparation to final restoration placement.

To learn more about how DryDent can enhance your restorative workflow and order products for your practice, visit Directa’s website.

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