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More Composite Warming = More Desirable Results


You may already be familiar with AdDent’s popular Calset Composite Warmer. This innovative device now heats up 8 compules of composite at once. Choose from three options for temperature – 98, 130 and 155 degrees.

The heating element is significant because when you heat composite, you can improve its strength and flowabilty. Warmed composite also reduces curing time and the risk of microleakage. In short, warmed composite can make your final result much more desirable.

Clinicians, perhaps not unsurprisingly, have really responded to a convenient device for improving the consistency of composite. In fact, the composite warmer is so popular that AdDent recently revisited the design of the standard tray and expanded its capacity for holding compules. This was a change made in direct response to customer request, according to AdDent.

The new standard tray now has the capacity to hold eight composite compules—double what it previously held.

You might wonder why clinicians would need to heat up to eight compules of composite at one time—that’s a lot of composite! However, as dentists incorporate new techniques into their practice the ability to have multiple colors or amounts of composite ready to use has become desirable.

Plus, the Calset Composite Warmer heats up more than just composite. Porcelain, anesthetic and other materials also can benefit from heating, and being able to heat everything at once just enhances the level of convenience.

The new standard tray fits conveniently on top of the Calset heater base. It can be purchased separately if you already have the Calset Composite Warmer, or as a complete kit for new customers.

Interested in other trays for the Calset Composite Warmer? Other options include:

·      3D Tray

·      7-Hole Syringe Tray

·      Anesthetic Tray

·      Multi-Tray

·      Porcelain Veneer Tray

·      Restoration Tray

·      Tri-Tray

To learn more about the Calset Composite Warmer, call AdDent at 855-211-3413 or visit AdDent is ISO certified, and all products are manufactured in the USA in Danbury, Conn.

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