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One Simple, Esthetic Cement for All Your Needs: PANAVIA V5


If you had a chance to try one simple, esthetic cement that met all your needs, why wouldn’t you give it a shot? That’s what Dr. J. Jerald Boseman thought when we asked him to evaluate Kuraray’s versatile, easy-to-use PANAVIA V5 resin cement for Dental Product Shopper.

As a general dentist in Salt Lake City, Dr. Boseman had previously used Kuraray’s PANAVIA cements in his practice and was excited to try the latest member of the PANAVIA family, PANAVIA V5, the 5th version of this popular resin cement. He was hoping for a user-friendly product, especially since the original PANAVIA he used would occasionally set up in the post preparation before the post was totally seated, which required removing the set material from the prep and starting over.

Kuraray describes PANAVIA V5 as a true dual-cure, fluoride-releasing, esthetic universal cement with simplified placement. After participating in this 4-week product evaluation for DPS, Dr. Boseman concluded that PANAVIA V5 is “easier to use” and “less technique sensitive than other similar products.”  In fact, Dr. Boseman and his colleagues liked this new PANAVIA V5 so much that they rated it as a Best Product with a score of 4.6 out of 5.

Calling it “a new adhesive milestone,” Kuraray  says the PANAVIA V5 Tooth Primer (MDP-based) with new catalysts features exceptionally high bond strengths for all tooth structures in the self-cure mode. The Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus included with the kit allows priming of metals, porcelains, zirconia, and other materials, and tooth priming is accomplished in just 20 seconds with Panavia V5 Tooth Primer.

Indicated for crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays/onlays, implants, and posts, PANAVIA V5 has a “V” in its product name for a reason – because it’s versatile.  It offers the simplicity of one easy procedure for all cementation needs, according to Kuraray.  “I loved being able to cement a metal post and core and ceramic crown all at the same time with the same product,” Dr. Boseman concluded.

Read the full PANAVIA V5 product evaluation here

Watch this video with all the details of PANAVIA V5.

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