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One Word Says it All—Coform


Sometimes a product name just strikes you as being perfectly descriptive of something. In this case it’s the process. Coform Matrix System from Directa Dental co-forms Class IV, and some tooth fractures, with you. You do it together!

Coform matrices are preformed, transparent matrices made out of celluloid plastic that does not stick to composites. The matrices come in four sizes of ready-cut mesial and distal corners for quick repair of missing incisal anatomy. They can be used for canines, central incisors, and first premolars.

It seems that using Coform matrices, designed specifically for composite restorations, would have an advantage over free-hand forming composite in the anterior esthetic zone. After a matrix that best fits the tooth (they can be trimmed if necessary) is selected, it is filled in layers, as usual. However, when the last layer is applied, the matrix is pressed into the uncured composite, and then light curing is done through the matrix, which leaves a “natural tooth impression.” It's like a head start to the creation of natural-looking anatomy.

The CoForm matrix also helps push and hold composite material into cavities and etched tubules. After curing, the matrix easily peels off the restoration without any drag. Then excess material can be removed, and the restoration is ready for final shaping, if necessary, and polishing.

The CoForm Matrix comes packaged in a clinical dispenser that simplifies the selection process during restorative procures. According to Directa Dental, using preformed matrices may reduce waste when compared to using other disposable matrices.

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